Climbing This Mountain

Up, up, up the mountain,

Hang by rocks so high

Feel a craggy foothold here

Climbing to the sky.

Look behind! Can you see

The land beneath so plowed?

Eyes so high above the Earth

Before they’re lost in cloud.

Fog surrounds, and numberless drops

Of water hovering close

Obscure the trail leading back

And hide the upward road.

Now cold and lost, a plaintive cry

Ascends the mountain flights

And through the shroud of atmosphere

A fragile dove alights.

Upon a stone it hops and stares

Beckoning for to follow

Rock by rock, a trail is made

In hope that bodes be hollow.

Now like a breath, the clouds disperse

The mountain peak ascended!

With heavy limbs and heaving lungs

And beating heart elated.

The journey of the rock and mist

Laid bare the lowly glory

Of sun-drenched crags and misting trees

In stillness of the morning.

By no mere chance the path was known

To climb into the heavens

And little doves will make the paths

To mount the hills again.

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