I’m back from the Abyss

And boy, do I have a story to tell. Not a scary one with monsters from the Id and a Kraken with green eyes (though that sounds cool, and someone probably already wrote a story about it). NO! It’s a sappy one, full of love and sadness, but ultimately redemption, this hopeful youth sets off on an adventure… (trails off in old man voice).

Anyways, now that I have your attention, all (two) of you have probably been wondering, “What in blazes has he been posting? Blizzard Sock-in-the-Mouth?” Or something like that. I know the title sounds ridiculous, and frankly it’s just word-garbage. But the way I view those last two is something akin to the attraction of a young photographer to the ruby-throated hummingbird: you only get a few chances to make the shot, and when you do it had better be good. That’s what those are. I figured, “Wallace, since you’re so early in this whole blogging business, and no one’s going to scroll through a hundred posts to read some nonsense that came out the drunken throat of an insomniac, then why not buy the farm?” Since I’m a little broke at the moment, I didn’t *quite* have enough in the bank to buy the WHOLE dang farm, but boy I tried my best.

All that aside, I considered those two (and hopefully more) stories as sort of a sandbox. I don’t always know what my mind is thinking, but when I do (and that’s a meme) I don’t. I need verbal space to write it all out, flesh out the words, the thoughts, the gray matter-space it occupies, and roll it around a few times like smooth marbles in my wet saliva before spitting it out onto the page. So if you see a bunch of nonsense in future posts, it’s probably that: a sandbox. But feel free to enter my sandbox. Feel free to throw ideas at me, to build castles with me, to wage war against the crumbly sand king of the desert in the far corner! Just remember that here, you’re in MY sandbox, and I am your king.

Finally, there is news and rumblings of news, and while I’m not sure if I posted summat about it before, I should say it’s good news. But I fear I cannot say more! What is to come, dear reader, far outstrips that which has come before. Big words aside, imma keep writing for y’all, and you better tune in, because when I only write to myself, it doesn’t look pretty.

Stay frosty!

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